January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010, has a nice ring doesn't it?! i have returned to Tanzania with a renewed sense of commitment to actively blog about my time here. ringing in the new year often provides pause to reflect on the accomplishments (or disappointments as the case may be) of the year past and set intentions for the coming year. it would be nice to think that i was somehow inspired by the possibility of the turn of a decade, however, truth be told, this sense of renewed commitment stems largely from the stern reprimands i received during my recent trip back home to the U.S. from some friends and family members about my blogging indolence. to any dedicated followers i have out there -- thanks for your patience and feedback. here goes nothing...

the purpose of my recent trip back home to the U.S. was to "kidnap" my husband and bring him back to Dar es Salaam with me. this decision was not wholly against his will, however as we packed most of our earthly belongings and favorite things into a storage unit for the foreseeable future and parted with those items for which there was no room, he was quick to remind all that he was "giving up" in this move, including a moldy loofah and nail brush and a dinosaur-like television weighing approximately 120 pounds. despite the sacrifices, there was a touch of romanticism to the idea of flying cross Atlantic to whisk my new husband off to our new home in a foreign land. hopefully in the end, what we gain from this experience will weigh favorably against what we have given up to spend the next year together in Tanzania.

i already feel andrei's presence makes our Tanzanian house feel like "home". there is new found positive energy in the house with the addition of two plants and three new roommates. while the plants are certainly a welcome sign of life, the addition of these new roommates provides an added layer of inspiration for my time here. the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and the sound of crackling bacon and eggs in the skillet serves as a nice reminder that sometimes even the simplest of life's pleasures are worth savoring. i am encouraged by the excitement of those roommates new to Tanzania exploring the possibilities of how they will shape their time here and in turn shape themselves through a new set of experiences. i am inspired by the continued excitement of those roommates who have spent a longer time here in Tanzania recognizing all that they have yet to learn about their surroundings and seeking ways to continue exploring their surroundings.

cheers to fresh beginnings as we start the new year. more to come later.

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