January 27, 2010

Receiving Updates on Blog Postings.

Since some of you have asked or expressed confusion otherwise, here is a little cheat sheet on receiving notifications when I update this blog:

Option #1:

Follow this link: http://lookoutmountainlookoutsea.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Then you can subscribe to this RSS feed and choose the venue where you would like RSS feeds for this blog to be directed. I recommend google reader, a user friendly forum, where you can do the same with all of the other blogs that you regularly follow and read them all in the same location.

Option #2 (for those who use gmail):

Swipe and copy the same link above.
Sign into your gmail account, then click "settings" on the top right corner of your inbox page. Within settings, click on "web clips". Then copy and past the above URL, into the box on the left hand side that reads: Search by topic or URL. Click Search. Once the search results are returned (it should be obvious it is my blog), click "Add".

Now every time you sign into your gmail account, web clips will scroll across the top of your inbox. There are arrows where you can scroll through the web clips and sponsored links that appear in your inbox. From there, you can follow updates I post to my blog.

So, what then, does being a "follower" of this blog mean?

Basically nothing, except for providing me with a slight ego-boost. Although, since my internet connections here tend to be so slow, information on my "followers" does not properly upload. So while I am aware that I currently have 18 followers, I have no idea who you are.

Thank you anonymous supporters.

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