February 17, 2010

Beekeeping Expertise, Anyone?

Late last year I took a weekend trip to Lushoto, a charming town within the Usambara Mountains, with my Swahili teacher Musa. This mountain range is prized for its cool weather and breath taking views. This trip provided not only a much needed reprieve from the sweltering heat of Dar, but also afforded a great opportunity to catch a firsthand glimpse of Tanzanian village life. Musa is interested in buying some land near this mountain range, where he hopes to take up beekpeeing. During this trip we toured through some farmland in the area to learn more about current beekeeping practices (see pictures below), which appear to be very different than western beekeeping practices that I am familiar with. Musa is curious to learn more about western style beekeeping practices and is wondering if there are any practices from elsewhere that would translate well into this context and setting. Since I am no expert on this matter, I am curious if any of my blog readers have information, tips, expertise to share about beekeeping, especially in Africa. Please feel free to comment on this post or get in touch with me directly if you have any information to share with us. Thanks in advance!


February 15, 2010

All good things must come to an end, or maybe not.

Toys, Part II.

In a previous post, perhaps not so creatively entitled, "Toys," I described a push bicycle toy and the accompanying excitement it generated for its proud owner. This toy now unfortunately appears to be broken, pushing in a rather lopsided manner, yet surprisingly the joy and pride live on.

Out and About. 

Confusion strikes. 

Close inspection of the toy.

Showing off the "broken" toy.

February 1, 2010

Objects of Desire.

Our apartment in Tanzania is a bit sterile. With a backdrop of all white walls and floors and puffy, brown leather furniture, this characterless place is begging for some design elements to make it feel like home. However, a tight budget and uncertain plans about how long we will remain in our current apartment stand in the way of my urges to go on a decorating spree. In the mean time, I cling to a few cherished items we have acquired since our arrival here. I hope to use these one day soon as sources of interior design inspiration.

A Japanese print bowl.  
The blue and white color palette would look great combined with splashes of red or coral.

Oversized floor cushions I commissioned.
I am imagining an outdoor patio complete with some plants and plush seating to hang out.

A silver pitcher.
Perhaps to be used as a vase and filled with flowers in the center of a table.

A large fern.
This particular plant belongs to our roommate, I cant wait to go plant shopping soon - the selection around here is fantastic!