May 31, 2011

N'Awlins Jazz Festival.

They came.
 They erected.
They ate.
They rocked.
They fell in love.
They left behind.
Photo Credit: Andrei Sinioukov

Road Trip Food Delights.

it got better and better. all i can say is praline bacon. for real. you didn't think it could get any better did you?
Photo Credits: Andrei Sinioukov

May 28, 2011

Florida's Fiercest.

This ain't no honey badger, but disconcerting, nonetheless to know that these guys are lurking outside of your thin mesh tent throughout the night.
Photo Credit: Andrei Sinioukov

May 26, 2011

Better Late Than Never.

As most of you have noticed and commented, this post is very late in coming. Hence the title.

But here is another thing I was late on. Introducing the fierce Honey Badger.

Watch it twice. It only gets better. You will eventually appreciate this for everything it is worth. Enjoy.