February 14, 2011

This One Goes Out to the One I Left Behind.

Valentine's Day Poems. Tanzanain Style.

Sweating through my shirt
Smell of Deet and burning trash
She will be impressed.

I thought it was love
Hot!  Sweaty!  Delirious!
Nope: malaria.

Q-Bar prostitute
Spirit of love and romance
Half hour, Room 6.

Drank warm red box wine
Moon-lit stroll on CoCo Beach
Now we're getting mugged

Would have bought flowers
But we're in Dar es Salaam
Will Konyagi do?

Una pendeza
I will make love to you now
Ignore the heat rash

Peace Corps volunteer
Room with power and water
Easy to impress

Kempinski was full
Street meat at Posta instead
Can I still get laid?

I had a great night
It's too hot to walk you home
Please take a bajaj

Forwarded by Christen Mullen via Roman Kotovych.

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