February 2, 2011

Overheard at the Coffee Shop.

I am stupider for having heard this conversation between Girl #1 and Girl #2, and you too will be stupider for reading it - consider yourself forewarned.

Girl #1: you are SUCH a good wriiiiiiter.
Girl #2: [uncomfortably loud laughter] I just reaaaaalllly like a gooood story.
Girl #1: I mean, you should write a book.
Girl #2: I like looking at the blogs that are out there, there are just so many good stories, and pictures. I mean everybody loves pictures.
Girl #2: We should team up and write a book. Not that I think I could get published or anything. But thats how people get discovered - blogs!
Girl #1: I know a girl who is a writer.
Girl #2: What does she write about?
Girl #1: Its just amazing. and stuff.
Girl #2: I want to be a writer. It just takes so MUCH time. I dont know. It just takes so much time to do what you want to do and to do it well. It just needs to happen in an organic way, rather than being the center of my life.

[Both suddenly look busy, sip coffee (sugar and milk free) twirl their hair to fill the awkward silence.]

Girl #2: I mean, you dont even have to go to school for this stuff, you just have to have passion.
Girl #1: yea, passion...
Girl #2: I mean you dont even have to write anything, you know, like the Sartorialist guy, he is really famous and stuff, and he doesnt even write that much, you dont even have to write much, its just like street style, with a creative license. you could be famous.

note to self: need. to. get. out. of here.

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