July 5, 2010

Absolut Paradise.

After a 3+ hour's long sail, beating against the wind and getting thrown about in 3 meter ocean swells, we arrived to Sinda Marine Reserve Island. Once my sea sickness and nausea subsided, I deemed this place absolut paradise.
While we were only 6 persons in total, we brought enough stuff to support a group 3 times our size for a period of time well beyond the one night we camped on Sinda. It took approximately 13 round trips to ensure our precious cargo was delivered from on board Jammie Dodger to the island.
Following the arrival of our not so dry goods, we set up our homes for the night in the "perfect" spot.
And then we moved them. Apparently, even in paradise indecision is a terrible force to reckon with.
After lowering the sails on Jammie Dodger for the evening, we hoisted a new "sail" to claim the island as our own (for the night anyway).
We prepared the staging grounds for our evening campfire and meal.
After we collected firewood and ignited the coals, we were left with just enough time to explore the island before sunset.
As dark fell, we were greeted by the island welcoming committee.
The island was literally swarming with enormous rats. Seeing them scurry about before dark was testament to this fact. We were outnumbered by far, and they made it clear we were in their territory. They were uncomfortably bold, nibbling on our freshy caught fish and our toes alike. In the morning our tent looked like an island in a sea of rat footprints.

But we survived to tell the tale, and enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing and calm sail back home. Maybe this is indeed absolut paradise, despite the island full of man eating rats.


Photo Credit:

Man Eating Rat: http://little-people.blogspot.com/

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