January 18, 2011

Holiday Traditions.

Our recent trip to the US allowed us the opportunity to continue some of our favorite holiday traditions. Among our favorite holiday traditions, is our annual visit to the Botanical Gardens to see their train display and miniatures of national historic buildings - notably all made from scrap organic materials collected from the in-house gardens. These are works of pure genius and bring out a childhood sense of fascination - I highly recommend you squeeze in a visit to this annual display amidst your holiday reveling next year. Oh! and the Willard's Round Robin Bar makes for an excellent place to warm you up afterwards - a Dirty Martini is my guilty pleasure - and you may just overhear some interesting political gossip while enjoying your drink!
This year I also managed to learn a thing or two along the way.
1) I did not need to travel 5000+ miles to see how a banana grows
2) Everyone in the US has an iphone, including her
and her:
3) Sometimes simple can be better:

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