August 16, 2010

Books by the Foot.

I feel like a real grown up. Andrei and I just bought our first piece of furniture. It is a book shelf. And I  am in love. Upon its entry into our new home, I set about the task of arranging all of our books and treasured objects on the hard wood shelves. Oh joy. It turns out I am not alone in this rather strange idea of fun, feast your eyes on these images from i suwannee who uses her blog to showcase her fetish for artful bookcase arrangements in her regular feature, bookcase of the day, it is pure delight.

Here are some of my favorites.
Incidentally, if your book shelves at home are looking a little sparse, did you know that you can order books by the foot? I remember when Andrei introduced me to this concept, when we first started dating, I nearly choked. As we were passing a gorgeous home in Dupont Circle with some mightily impressive book shelves, I casually commented, Oh my, check that collection out. Andrei said, you know you order those things by the foot. WhAAt?! Is this a past time for the rich, instead of developing a collection over time. Andrei laughed, perhaps, but this was originally a service to set designers, or people in the staging industry. Either way, if you are looking to impress a certain someone with your home "library" this could prove a useful option. If it is not the literary impression you seek to impart, you can also feel free to order foot upon foot of books along more aesthetic persuasions, feeling blue today anyone? how about firey red or maybe just warm red? or are you looking to follow popular whims right now and go green? or how about some white on white action?  And so it seems the fun never ends when contemplating books by the foot.

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  1. These people obviously have never heard the "Don't judge the book by its cover" expression. Someone should tell them. (Actually, it was the famous Strands in New York who pioneered measuring books instead of counting.).

    In other news, a website about bookcases is not particularly manly. I’m just sayin’…