April 8, 2010

Turquoise and Beyond.

In the blogworld of home design, I recently discovered a blog called House of Turquoise created by a woman named Erin who is self-reportedly obsessed with the color and started her blog to collect inspirational photos of rooms that feature turquoise in all of its shade variations. At first I found this idea for a blog to be a little narrow, and perhaps even hokey, only later to become completely hooked on her blog and I am now seeing the color turquoise where ever I go.

Andrei and I just returned from a trip to Thailand, and dually inspired by her blog, I have decided to share the following photos from our trip centered around the theme, Turquoise and Beyond. Some of the below photos were actually taken by Andrei, and were applicable I have given him all due credit.

Compliments of Andrei Sinioukov
Compliments of Andrei Sinioukov
Compliments of Andrei Sinioukov

Of course, I have several other photos from our trip that capture images beyond the color turquoise.  I will plan to share these in the coming days/weeks as I process this trip and resettle into Tanzania.

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