February 1, 2010

Objects of Desire.

Our apartment in Tanzania is a bit sterile. With a backdrop of all white walls and floors and puffy, brown leather furniture, this characterless place is begging for some design elements to make it feel like home. However, a tight budget and uncertain plans about how long we will remain in our current apartment stand in the way of my urges to go on a decorating spree. In the mean time, I cling to a few cherished items we have acquired since our arrival here. I hope to use these one day soon as sources of interior design inspiration.

A Japanese print bowl.  
The blue and white color palette would look great combined with splashes of red or coral.

Oversized floor cushions I commissioned.
I am imagining an outdoor patio complete with some plants and plush seating to hang out.

A silver pitcher.
Perhaps to be used as a vase and filled with flowers in the center of a table.

A large fern.
This particular plant belongs to our roommate, I cant wait to go plant shopping soon - the selection around here is fantastic!


  1. Hey, that looks like a nice pad you've got there.

  2. Yeah, I wanna come by too someday.